When searching the internet for home based businesses and ideas it is really amusing what the “experts” have to say their top picks are. I am not knocking any of the suggestions that were made. They range from being a personal trainer, medical claims billing, coaching, web design, desktop publishing, personal shopper, wedding planner, and more. If you have a passion and are gifted in a specific area then go for it.
However the majority of the people that are looking for home based businesses ideas have no special skill set and really no idea on what they want to do. Although this article will seem a bit biased there is a reason behind it.
While conducting my research no where did I see them mention direct sales or network marketing. I will give a strong argument on why this is where you will want to start looking.
The top 25 lists that I have seen requires the would be home based business owner to use all their time and effort. In most cases you will have to come up with a product, clientele, money, connections, skills, and more. The average person turned entrepreneur doesn’t even know where to begin to get all the necessities together. The biggest thing that is missing from this is a system that provides leverage.
If you have read my articles in the past I am a big ambassador for systems and leverage.
This and much much more is what the direct sales network marketing industry has to offer. This is generally speaking. Of course not all companies are the same. You will have the ability to learn the right skills to grow a profitable home based business:marketing, relationship, copywriting, and phone. By the way these are the only skills that matter.
You will have a system in place that will help to eliminate the legwork that is time consuming. This allows you to only focus on the money making activities which is to direct targeted traffic to your website and talk to qualified prospects on the phone.
The training and support that is available not even taught in colleges. You will learn real world experiences from the experts that are actually building a profitable business, not talking about one.
If you research the statistics more millionaires are made from the direct sales network marketing industry than any other home based business. I will agree that if you search the internet you will see the nauseating statistics that 97{75f7d6826a5ae8a0173b8a8159b63ceac1acc20c4a43d07670d992b80bd52f77} of people fail in this industry or make less than $200 a month.
I do not disagree. However the difference maker from those that make money and those that don’t is their ability to market themselves. That is why it is critical even when researching companies in this industry to find out who teaches online marketing and self branding.
Hopefully in this spand of time my case was made as to why you should strongly consider the direct sales network marketing industry. It is definitely one of the most overlooked home based businesses ideas that in my opinion offers the most benefits and rewards.