If you have never moved home before, the amount of physical, emotional and mental stress moving home takes is probably going to leave you surprised and somewhat bewildered. If you have moved before, you know what’s coming and that’s probably why you aren’t doing that again – Well, not alone anyway! Simply packing and organising all your possessions to ensure you are ready when that deadline hits can be all consuming. If you add children and animals into the mix things can get really scary…

STOP right there! Don’t do it. If you have any sizable amount of stuff to move make the right choice and get a professional removals company in.  Without doubt, even without having to move all your worldly goods there is going to be plenty for you to keep busy with. Here’s a few of the basic steps you need to take to ensure everything goes right on the big day!


It doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg. You will be amazed and how quickly and calmly the professionals can get the job done at a very reasonable price. Some of the more professional companies will provide a packing service which can make the move a lot easier. However, you can take this task on yourself and save some money. Insurance is also important. Bigger more established companies are fully ensured for breakage, delays etc – When you are comparing quotes make sure you take all these factors into account and are getting what you pay for. Some will give a basic quote/idea online but getting a full breakdown is the best way: No surprises later on…

Time is of the Essence

Do not leave things to the last minute. As soon as your home is sold start the quotation search. Rushed decisions are rarely good decisions. Take your time to get that breakdown and know which company is providing what for the quote. Then when you get your moving date you will be ready to go. Some of the better companies are booked quite a way in advance. By doing this you are giving yourself the best opportunity to get the best company for you.


Planning ahead and getting a checklist is the best foot forward. Check access points, especially if some of those are going to be awkward to get your furniture through.


Most reputable companies are insured. Even so, certain pieces (collectors’ items and antiques for example) might not be included. In some cases your home contents insurance might cover you during a move. Make sure you know exactly where you stand before booking any removals company – Or you could end up with extra expenses you did not budget for: Or worse, broken property that is not insured.

There is nothing better than a recommendation. Check out the company’s testimonials, how long they have been in business etc Past performance is always a good way to work out how they are going to handle your move – Always better to start with a heads up!