If you are going to market your property, it really does help to have floor plans, and even photos available as tools that can help you succeed. The reason that this works for companies like UK PropTech startups is that it is simply what people want to see.

Why You Need Floor Plans

Most buyers are going to be looking for photos and floor plans regarding the home that they would like to purchase, and over 80{8105bdfbc696b7a4a1c164cd41e5b51966417809f6f737109e488121369dae8f} of the people that have been serving have thought that this is absolutely essential if you want to have quick success when marketing your home.

When Selling a Property Why Do You Need Both Floor Plans and Photos?

First of all, they can help you display the possibilities associated with the property to get people thinking about why they would want to own it. Also:

  • Great marketing materials and photography can get people interested even if they have never been there before.
  • Transparency is going to be increased which will lead to obtaining more leads as you will be more believable.
  • Your brand is going to be present in every room.

Even with all of this, listings can fail, but that usually because the basics are ignored such as not providing accurate details, not providing for plans, and not having enough photographs to show off the property properly.

Sometimes these assets are simply not available, but you really do need to know why this is a great approach.

If you decide to avoid presenting a floor plan, or give enough information for them to make an educated decision, this can impact how many people become interested in your property.

Why Would Photographs and Floor Plans Not Be Included with Property Listings?

The most common problem is that time constraints make it impossible. Also:

  • The person that is listing the property may not have have the equipment or expertise.
  • You are going to need good lighting and good weather to take excellent photos which may not be possible when you decide to do this.
  • Bad communication can lead to inadequate home staging.

Operational points such as these need to be considered when you are selling any type of property, and these tips can help you reach your objectives.

Estate Agent Photography Tips

A quick search on the Internet will show you many different examples of why real estate agents are not really doing their job when it comes to photos.

Once you have found a few properties online, you will see that content really does play a role in your success, and most estate agents should hire professional photographers to provide them with this asset.

There are a couple of core principles that you need to be aware of:

  • Prepare the site – Make sure that the layout is easy to understand.
  • Internal and external pictures – always consider your angles.
  • Try to get up to three external shots and up to 10 internal shots.
  • Cameras – always use a quality camera, preferably DSLR, in order to get the best possible shots.

These basic photography tips can help you understand how to prepare your property for sale, plus you will need to maximize your floor plan by getting storage, staging your home, and making sure that everything you are removing from the house is going to be kept safe.

Floor Plan Drawing Tips

The best floor plans are often the result of a considerable amount of time that has been spent to make a noticeable difference. Engineering graph paper, as well as having sharp pencils available, can help you get this started. What else would you need?

  • Accurate floor plans can be achieved with laser devices for taking measurements.
  • Always be consistent with your measurements.
  • Every last detail should be presented, down to what direction the doors are going to swing.
  • Always correct symbols and then use them.
  • Always look at your final plans.

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