Financial independence is a great advantage, one that can be achieved with certainty by running an established business. Running a business of your own makes you the boss, making the rules and regulating the income according to changing requirements. Many people dream of setting up their own businesses, but a lot of them don?t know where to start. The first thing you have to do is to choose a unique trademark for your business. This will set it apart as unique from other businesses.

After you choose the unique trademark for your business, it is important to register it. This will protect your trademark from getting duplicated by anyone else setting up a business of his/her own. You can do that at your nearest Government-approved business registration offices. Simply go there, pay the fees, and fill out some forms. Your business will be registered and your trademark will be protected from forgery. Now if someone else tries to steal your trademark, you can sue them.

If you don?t have enough money to register your trademark yet, don?t worry. Simply put your trademark and business name inside a sealed envelope, take it to the post office, and mail it to yourself. The stamps and the date put on the envelope will make it legally acceptable as evidence. When the envelope arrives, keep it in a sealed condition. This will help protect your copyright for a certain period of time. If someone steals your trademark now, you can take that sealed envelope to the registration offices and challenge the person who stole your trademark. Don?t think of it as a permanent solution though. It is always a good idea to register your trademark as soon as you have enough cash at hand.

After you register your trademark, you can start offering your products and/or services (depending on the nature of your business) to clients. Just remember that when you do business as a sole trader, you are responsible for the quality of products you sell, even if you don?t manufacture the products yourself. If an unsatisfied customer sues you, your personal assets can also be affected, in case you cannot pay off the money by yourself. For this reason, it is always a good idea to set up a limited company as soon as you enough funds at hand. If you run a limited company, then in case of a lawsuit, only the company assets will be affected, not your personal stuff. If you choose to set up a limited company, seek out a company formation agent having a good reputation. He/she will be able to guide you better.

Setting up a business is a very good idea. This could be your first crucial step towards achieving financial independence.