The suspension system in an automobile is quite strong. Once you take care of it, it can last numerous years and miles. Unfortunately, it can be damaged by simple things such as dropping in a deep pothole, hitting a curb, driving on rough roads or off-road etc. If you have a vehicle that hauls a lot of load, then this will also be rough on the vehicle’s suspension. Since the things you’ll need to put your vehicle through are relatively unpredictable, these will affect your suspension. As a result, it is best to have your suspension checked periodically. When you take your vehicle for an inspection at Auto Select, they can thoroughly check your suspension system and find parts that are worn out or broken and fix any issues. Here, experts at Koni UK explain further.

When Suspension is Damaged

When you have an improperly-working system, this will reduce the amount of control you have when driving your vehicle. If your suspension is damaged, it can easily cause serious accidents which is something you should avoid. Your vehicle’s suspension system is made up of shocks and springs. Basically, the springs are essential for holding your vehicle above its axles. These springs ensure your vehicle can safely move over bumps by bouncing. This actually reduces the amount of impact on the vehicle itself.

The shocks work to smooth out the bounce so that the ride is a lot more comfortable. Additionally, they make sure that your vehicle’s tires are always on the road’s surface. In most suspension systems, the springs are quite strong, however, they can still wear out or even break. The shock absorbers can also wear out as well even though they are quite strong. Your particular vehicle may also have struts. These are essentially both spring and shock absorbers. However, struts also have a particular life span and you should inspect all of these elements regularly for wear and tear and replace or fix them as needed.

Warning Signs

Your suspension system is a huge safety feature and you should always take a proactive stance about its care with regular maintenance. A well-maintained vehicle will go a long way in ensuring accidents don’t happen. Certain signs may indicate that your suspension needs professional attention. For example, one sign would be tyres with a cupped wear pattern. Additionally, if you find your vehicle feels as though it is floating when you turn corners or drifting, then this is another warning signal. Another sign that you need to have your suspension checked is if your vehicle moves back and forth when you apply brakes or if the front area of your vehicle dips when you brake.

Checking Your Suspension

We at Auto Select can thoroughly check your entire suspension system and fix any issues. Once you notice any of the above symptoms, then you definitely need to have your suspension thoroughly inspected. If you happen to get into an accident, then make sure that you get your suspension checked. Avoid putting off these type of repairs since suspension failure can cause you to get into serious and even fatal accidents. Once you need to have one of your shocks replaced, you should replace all of your shocks at the same time. This will make your vehicle handle a lot better and more evenly.

Do note that when you are replacing any part of your suspension such as your shocks or springs, make sure that you use original parts or higher quality parts than the initial ones you had installed. Avoid downgrading any parts that you purchase. If you can upgrade, then that is a matter of personal choice. Once you know that you use your suspension a lot and you want to improve how your vehicle works, then upgrading to better quality parts should be a priority. Upgrading to higher quality heavy-duty shocks are especially necessary if you tend to haul lots of heavy items and loads regularly.