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Foreigners who want to get a job in the United Kingdom are generally apprehensive about writing their curriculum vitae. The good news is that resumes are almost the same everywhere. To make your UK CV successful, here are the sections that should be included in it.

Personal Statement

When you choose a uk cv template to download online, you will always find this section at the top. It is a kind of mini cover letter which must present, in 4 lines maximum, your professional skills and goals, while presenting the interest that you have for the company. It is imperative that the recruiter’s attention is retained at this point, otherwise they probably will not get any further.

Employment or Work Experience

This part should be written in anti-chronological order (most recent to oldest). In this section, you must describe the functions and tasks held for each of your professional experiences. Also mention the context of the company. In the IK, indicating accomplished results is always a big asset.

Key Skills

This section is probably one of the most important ones of the English CV. It indicates the skills and the know-how, that is to say what you have learned from your previous experiences and training. These skills must be organized by families of skills, for example: Sales, Negotiation, Marketing, Management, Language level, etc.


Obviously, English recruiters do not always know the diplomas of other countries. It is therefore essential to explain in a few lines what your training consisted of and even better in this section of the CV. It allows you to find its equivalent in Great Britain. The British Council can also help you determine the equivalence of your degree in the UK.

Personal Interest

It is a bit of a trap section. All the information that will appear in this section must be useful for the job application. For example, the fact of indicating that one has been treasurer in an association can make sense for certain applications insofar as it demonstrates a certain sense of responsibility.


In this section, it is possible to mention the names of people who have worked with you and who may be contacted by the recruiter. It seems preferable to us not to mention all the references in this section, but to indicate that they are available to the recruiter (References are available upon request). Whatever the choice (whether or not to appear in the UK CV), it is essential to inform the people who you refer to that they may be contacted.