Burma may not have been a popular tourist destination in the Asia region. However, the person who is also known by the Burmese name is now becoming so popular after the release of the military junta in 2011 ago. Not only that, the arrival of U.S. president Barack Obama to Yangon in 2012 then made Burma’s travel and stay visit ever increasing. Offering a wide variety of tourism potentials, such as religious tourism, cultural tourism, and historical tourism, Myanmar is one of the alternatives for your holiday destination in the Asian region. Because it will not be enough just 1 day visit Yangon, find the best Hotel In Yangon like Mercure Yangon Kaba Aye to make your holiday more comfortable.

Check out the following guide to make your holiday to Myanmar more memorable.

Tourist destinations

In addition to its cultural elements, Burma is also famous for its million grand pagodas in this golden land. Located in Yangon, Shwedagon Paya is one of the must-visit pagodas. In addition, Yangon, which is the gateway to Burma, also stores other interesting attractions to visit. In addition to Yangon, there are other popular areas to visit, such as Bagan, and Inle Lake. Temples in Bagan City, Myanmar. Looks delman is waiting for tourists who visit the temple.

Bagan is a Burmese archaeological area with an area of about 42 square kilometers. There are 5,000 mysterious and picturesque stupas decorating the Bagan plain. While Inle Lake, which is an iconic tourist destination for Burma, also holds its own charm. Tourists can relax while grinding the lake by boat, or also cycling on the outskirts of the lake.


As with the majority of other Asian countries, rice is still a staple that can be found in some typical Burmese food. Htamin, which in Myanmar language means rice, can be served with a variety of other menus such as curry, fry-fried, salad, and also soups. Famous soups include peh-hin-ye or lentil soup, as well as Hin-jo or sour soup. One of the must-try culinary in Myanmar is? Thouq which is commonly referred to as rainbow salad is a mild salad with spicy sour flavor made from raw vegetables and also fruit, mixed with juice of lemon, onions, beans, chili, and Roasted long bean powder. A tourist is sleeping deep in the goddess of the shada of Shwedagon, Yang, Myanmar. The Unlosable is the maintenance of Mai – ywest thoq are made of acid leaf, and shauq – Thi dhouq are made of natives Nann Nann. In the end, the salad did become a typical typical meal of Myanmar.

Best time December to February is the best time to visit Myanmar because the weather is quite supportive, not too hot the new cause of the new rainy season is over. Don’t forget to order accommodations and transportation, and some other areas can be hotter.